Tuning Chip TURBO-BOX for turbo diesel and turbo petrol car

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Additional Control Box for turbo diesel and turbo gasoline vehicles equipped with a turbo pressure sensor. Fully adjustable reduces by 70% the gap below 2000 rpm.

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Operation and Application


The operation is based on the correction of the signals coming from the engine control unit towards the turbo pressure system, finally giving you the choice to make the appropriate adjustments (as many as 25) in total safety and in a completely autonomous way. Since the additional unit works perfect together with the engine control unit all the original safety functions of the engine are kept. The unit is designed to provide optimal performances and a greater reduction of gas consumption, as well as to be easily customized for better performances, if necessary.

The additional module can be removed anytime just as easily, to bring your vehicle back to the factory standards. You will instantly notice the difference as soon as this additional control box is plugged in: Your vehicle will accelerate faster, you will need to change down less often - the greater response and your driving experience will be significantly better.

The additional control turbo box is installed on the Turbo system, specifically on the pressure sensor and works together withe original car’s computer rising the turbo pressure up to +0.5 bar.

* Together with the DB-BOX the torque increase can reach up to +108 Nm.

Completely adjustable for the best driving experience:

Adjustable up to 25 selectable maps

The Turbo-box has built as many as 25 different settings of power and torque to be able to give a guide as never before.

Maps: The 25 maps previously loaded by us will allow you to have a perfect setting and get exactly what you want. They are subdivided into soft for a softer driving and into hard for a driving experience that will be more ready and responsive.


Compatibility and application.
Compatible with all Turbo-Diesel or Turbo gasoline vehicles equipped with a turbo-pressure sensor.  Great also with cars equipped with FAP or DFP. Can bus ready on 99% of cars

Easy Installation Do it yourself!

The installation is clean and extremely simple for everyone (in  5 minutes) thanks to the detailed instructions and the tech support. The exhaust gases are not going to be altered. The control box once removed leaves no trace and is not going to be detected by self-diagnostic systems.



Enhance the performances of your car even more:
In addition to the Turbo-box control box you can further increase the performances of your car by installing in addition also the DB-BOX (to better manage the air intake and to make the engine “breathe” better) or the EXTREME-BOX (only forcommon rail turbo-diesel cars to maximize the power).


* For maximum performances, higher than a remapping, with complete respect for the engine safety and durability, try the new Kit-performance, it includes 3 control boxes  (Extreme-box, Db-box, Turbo-box) to optimize separately FUEL - AIR - TURBO.


All inclusive:
The package of your control box includes:
Turbo-box control unit
Instruction manual for the installation 
Connection cable for your car
Mounting kit with waterproof Velcro straps
With the purchase of our products you will also have access to our technical support service and we will be happy to speak with you regarding any aspect of the installation process.



Your satisfaction is our satisfaction if you are not happy with the product we will refund the entire amount of money spent.
Now, thanks to the Turbo-Box, you can have a greater torque for an improved traction power, more horsepower for better performances and greater fuel consumption reduction!

We are here to help you. Just click HERE to email us, or here to read our FAQ.


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