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Tuning chip Kit Performance®

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This Upgrade kit consists of 3 additional control boxes  that simultaneously manage Air, Diesel fuel, Turbo in a fully adjustable, individually way, increasing the power by up to 45% more power and torque

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The Kit Performance is designed and developed by us after years and years of research and development, it has the deserved reputation of being the only one available on the Italian market in terms of applied technology. Specific for your common-rail diesel or injector pump car, it can deliver in some cases more power and torque of a complete remapping but with the clear advantage of being able to get uninstalled from a car and installed to another car in 5 minutes. Super easy installation for everyone. The power delivery can be customized to fit your driving needs making you able to get an increase never felt before, linear and smooth. 100% safe because it does not remove the limiters set by the car manufacturing company.

Including 3 additional units:

EXTREME-BOX: Injection

Installed on the rail pressure sensor, it optimizes and increases the diesel fuel pressure. Dual-channel delivery ECO-HARD with as many as 22 maps divided by the curve.


Additional control box to optimize turbo pressure it is installed on the turbo pressure sensor. The increase is noted especially at the low-midrange speed outputs providing the user with a supercar torque.

DB-BOX: Air Flux

Additional control box for the management and optimization of the air intake and temperature, it is installed on the debimeter or air flow meter or MAP sensor.


A Variety of technologies at your hand:

In this case, the technologies at your disposal are 3: of the Extreme-box, Turbo-box, Db-box deployed as follows:


Dual channel Power and Torque selection

The extreme-box is an additional control box, digital with an integrated 64-bit microchip capable of handling two separate delivery channels.

ECO: The eco channel is dedicated to all those who want a great fuel consumption reduction up to 22% and at the same time a remarkable increase in torque and power.

HARD:The hard channel is dedicated to all those who are looking for a car with a more responsive acceleration and in some cases it gets rid of the power vacuum below 2000rpm of about 70%. It offers an increased torque and power that can get up to 35% with a fuel consumption reduction up to 18%.

22 maps of power and torque delivery

As many as 22 maps of power delivery subdivided by the intensity simply and quickly selectable via the selector situated inside the control unit without the need of complex software or PC programming.

Smart recognition system

The extreme-box is equipped with an intelligent auto-learning system and if it is installed incorrectly, it goes into protection.



Adjustable up to 25 selectable maps

The Turbo-box has built as many as 25 different settings of power and torque to be able to give a guide as never before.

Maps: The 25 maps previously loaded by us will allow you to have a perfect setting and get exactly what you want. They are subdivided into soft for a softer driving and into hard for a driving experience that will be more ready and responsive.


The Db-box has built as many as 25 different settings of power and torque to be able to give a guide as never before.

Dual system

The db-box has a dual operating system in addition to increasing the performances, it allows you to save the debimeter, in other words it regenerates the signal and it processes it back to its original conditions.

intelligent system

Integrated system travel-safe

If the unit should have a malfunction no problem, our intelligent system bypasses it and returns the car to its original state so you are never left stranded. Maximum signal processing speed thanks to the new built-in last generation processor you will have no conflict with the most advanced electronics. Also compatible with cars equipped with FAP or DFP. Can bus ready on 99% of cars.

Easy Installation Do it yourself

Included in the price the specific  wiring for your car, original 100% compatible. No changes will be done to the original system, no cables to cut. The car warranty will remain unchanged. The installation is clean and extremely simple for everyone (in  5 minutes) thanks to the detailed instructions and the tech support. The exhaust gases are not going to be altered. The control box once removed leaves no trace and it's not going to be detected by self-diagnostic systems.

Compatibility and application:

Included in the price 3 additional control boxes to be installed on 3 different sensors to manage 3 separate parameters all 3 of them completely customizable in only 5 minutes.

Advanced technology for racing performances:

* As you can see from the image above our Kit performance manages INJECTION, AIR, TURBO in full autonomy and it’s 100% safe.


The package of your control box includes:
Extreme-box control unit
Turbo-box control unit
Db-box control unit
Instruction manual for the installation
6 jumpers
Connection cable specific for your car
With the purchase of our products you will also have access to our technical support service and we will be happy to speak with you regarding any aspect of the installation process.


Your satisfaction is our satisfaction if you are not satisfied with the product we will refund the entire amount of money spent.

Now, thanks to our Kit Performance, you can have a greater torque for an improved traction power, more horsepower for better performances and greater fuel consumption reduction!
Note that you will have a power and torque output higher than a complete remapping but with the advantages of being able to be moved on other cars, therefore being able to be removed in only 5 minutes without leaving a trace and most impartantly 100% safe.

We are here to help you. Just click HERE to email us, or here to read our FAQ.


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